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Open 24x7
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We Care For You | Fit Brain, Fit Spine, Fit You


Over the last decade, Polaris neurosciences has evolved to being a leading Neurosurgery hospital @Agra and is now at par with any metro-based tertiary neurospine care centre.
The Neurosurgery department has extensive experience and expertise in caring for patients with problems involving brain, spine, cerebrovascular diseases etc.
Neuro surgical team work closely with other specialists especially Neurology, Oncology, Neuro Radiology and Orthopedics to deliver best reliable care to our patients.


• All malignant and benign tumors involving brain
• Tumors arising from scalp

• State of the art neurological monitoring facilities
• Intracranial pressure monitoring devices
• Full time neurosurgical back up
• Portable high resolution CT Scanner
• Round the clock back up from critical care expert

• Surgery for aneurysms
• Surgery for arteriovenous malformations
• Surgery for other congenital vascular anomalies


• Corrective surgeries for Craniosynostosis
• Palliative surgery for MoyaMoya disease
• Corrective surgery for Chiari malformation

• Endoscopic third ventriculostomy
• Endoscopic fenestration of congenital intracranial cysts
• Endoscopic adhesiolysis

• Advanced Intraoperative EEG and eloquent area mapping.
• Continuous electrophysiological monitoring.
• Great hope for patients suffering from intractable epilepsy not controlled with medications.
• Significant improvement in the quality of life post-surgery.

• Of facial nerve for hemifacial spasms not controlled with medications.

Our operative gadgets :

• State of the art modular ot setup with latest gadgetry to deliver best care to our patients.
• Midas rex drill-legend
• Neuonavigation coming soon
• Mindray ot table
• Work station
• Chair
• 3 pins
• Neuroendoscope


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