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We offer services like Diagnostic evaluation, Genetic testing and Counselling at our centre for patients with Genetic disorders
Indications for genetic testing include-

• Confirmation of the diagnosis of a medical condition that is genetic in nature, for a child or an adult •
If there is a family history of a specific disease
• If several members of a family present with symptoms of the same disease
• If there is concern over passing a genetic disease to the next generation
• If the couple are blood relatives and have entered into a consanguineous marriage
• If a couple wants to start a family and one of them has a family history of a disease, genetic testing will reveal if they are “carriers” of a particular illness
• If a women is pregnant and is above the age of 34
• If a woman has had more than two spontaneous abortions
• If a woman’s baby was still born and the baby’s physical characteristics indicated a genetic disease
• If a couple already has had a child with a genetic disease and is planning for the next child

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